Full Version: What is the likelihood of a replica Chanel bag being confiscated by customs if posted
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It's a gift for my teenage cousin, the real kind are ridiculously extortionate in price so I got a nice replica in a shop in MBK in Bangkok at the cost of about 3,500 baht.
I've already asked on the Europe Subreddit and most people were more interested in commenting on how much I had paid which was very unhelpful - trust me, its worth that much and besides that's not the issue.
I didn't take customs confiscating replica / counterfeit goods into account when buying it, its a little too expensive for me to send if there is a high risk of it not making its destination. I live in Bangkok so I have to post it.
Does anyone in the know have any advice or information on how I could go about posting it safely? What is the likelihood of it getting stopped?
Would DHL or postage be the safer option? I seem to get getting conflicting info on this point.
Advice from people with experience greatly appreciated!