Full Version: Wearing replica items in the workplace?
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So, I work a "normal" office job, nothing special by any means. I would like to start buying rep shoes and jewelry to wear to work but I'm not sure how to go about wearing it to work without raising eyebrows. I have a replica Celine bag that I use daily and my snoopy coworker asked me where I got it. I just told her I bought it preloved and thankfully that conversation quickly ended. How did you all start wearing replica items at work? I definitely don't make enough money to buy real luxury items monthly so I don't want my bosses to think they're paying me too much or something...

ETA: My work/office style is basically "homely grandma" because my personal style is pretty much streetwear. I just try to play it safe at work cuz I dunno how to dress myself for work that's within our dress code.