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Would you ever wear a replica bag into a designer store?
What I mean is, wearing a fake Chanel into a Chanel store, or wearing a fake Louis Vuitton into a Louis Vuitton store?
Has anyone ever done this before? I've done this a few times before on accident! Usually I'm just out shopping with a friend while wearing a rep bag and we just happen to wander into that particular store. I remember once many years ago wearing a replica Marc Jacobs Stam bag (anyone remember those?) and having a whole conversation with the salesgirl in front of the Marc Jacobs display in Bloomingdales about how much I loved the bags. She asked me where I bought it and I was just like, "uhhh, it was a present!" And then quickly got out of there!
I also remember wearing a replica Chanel classic flap bag while walking through the Chanel Rue Cambon store in Paris! That store is already so snooty and I remember being self conscious and wondering if anyone could tell!
I always figure that no one is looking too closely and if you're dressed up nicely, you'll usually blend in. I'd kind of want to go to a store and be able to examine my reps next to auths side by side, but I don't think I'd have the balls to!

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Would you ever wear a replica bag into a designer store? - by maryanna - 11-29-2019, 10:05 AM

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