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Why do YOU buy replicas? What was your first replica?
You know, I searched this question in the search bar and was surprised that there's never been discussion! I'm just a really curious person and wanna know about the people in this community! Smile
I'll start: I'm a college student, not a broke one, but a frugal one. I hate spending money, but I LOVE luxury designs, so you can see my problem! I'm constantly watching luxury unboxings, hauls, shopping sprees, etc. and while they're fun watching, I know I'm never going to be one of those girls! Especially with all of the videos that are surfacing about Designer quality control and customer service going down hill, I personally don't think it's worth it getting an authentic bag anymore. I've always lusted over the Prada Small Saffiano bag, LV Alma BB, and Givenchy small Antigona, but I just think it's simply not worth it anymore. Besides, my mom bought fake LVs YEARS ago and we still have them around today! That's 15 years, ladies! Authentic bags can and will have their flaws in them from time to time; that being said, I just feel like that makes another reason to get replicas. Plus, they're getting so good now! I would rather be financially stable and happy with a $70 replica bag than stressing over how I'm gonna pay back a $1200 bag.
As for my first replica, I ordered mine last week! I ordered the Gucci Soho Disco bag in Black to take with me to school. The inspection pictures showed the GGs are a little close together, but I don't mind. I got it off Taobao and with shipping it ended up being $70. Once I get it I'll write a full in-depth review! It landed in New York today so it should come this week! Smile

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